MonkeyTunes gratuit pour Mac

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MonkeyTunes is a software which allows to store audio files and to access music library via a WIFI network using a mobile device.

Key Features

Synchronization; MonkeyTunes offers the ability to synchronize a mobile device with a Mac computer. The user can then use his phone to get control over the media player installed on the computer and browse all his folders.

Database: MonkeyTunes also includes a large database where to store music. It is able to record unlimited numbers of songs. It is also possible to add details about each song such as its singer, date of release and more.

Library management: this tool also allows sorting audio files according to various criteria. It is possible to sort songs by title, author, genre or any other relevant criterion.

Authentication: this utility can be set so as to ask for a passcode before pairing the mobile device with the computer. This makes sure that no other mobile device can access to the library.

System requirements

Operating Systems: Mac OS X


MonkeyTunes not only supports Apple phones but also Google Android, Windows phone and Nokia Symbian.


This trial version is only valid for 20 days of use.