Activer le rtsp sur camera onvif SDETER chinoise

kelu28 - 5 déc. 2017 à 10:32

I have a synology and want to connect this camera to it. Information was hard to find, but I find and it's working !
So I share with you:
Firmware of the camera is 2505 means rtst is disable by default. means Onvif don't work by default.
Send a email to with subject: Need new firmware for your product MVR-8608
put in the e-mail the camera ID.
You will received a file in attachement.
unzip the attachment, put it in the TF card, and then hear the prompt of the device update to show the success of the upgrade.

After that: rtst is enable : rtsp://

Paramètres de connexion
IP du périphérique:
Accord de connexion: ONVIF
Port de connexion: 8899
Format d'image: H.264
Connexion: TCP
Chemin de la source vidéo: /live/ch00_1
Nom d'utilisateur: admin
Mot de passe:

Ma caméra est la suivante:
SDETER 960P Bulb Light Wireless IP Camera 360 Degree Panoramic FishEye Security CCTV Camera Wifi P2P Motion Detection Camera IP
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