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vendredi 27 janvier 2006
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29 janvier 2019
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The current version of SmartDegreg Free 6 is infected now by a virus (not the first time for various other products from ioBit).

This is caused by malwares embedded in the advertizing components they insist in installing (and the installer even tried to silently run this malware/adwares before asking anything to the user: they alreay attempt to corrupt the registry before we get the first dialog of the ioBit installer.

ioBit is constantly changing their advertizing components in their Free versions but fail constantly to check they are safe.

So other products (their free version) have affected multiple time, until they fixed it by chosing another adware "parner". But the way they integrate these adwares is extremely bad: these adwares should NEVER be allowed to run immediately before we are presented a chance to confirm our choice, read the conditions. Such practive is illegal and in all cases extremely deceptive.

ioBit pretends it is making a security suite, but offenses every one by publishing infected "freewares" that are installed and run without any permission (and completely illegally at least in Europe with the RGPD, but ioBit does not care at all about the RGPD as it is located in Australia, even if it targets the world including Europe with their products).

Sorry but ioBit is not trustable at all.
La défragmentation de gros fichiers est très, très lente