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Dovetail Games Fishing

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Dovetail Games Fishing
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Welcome to the Great Indoors!
Dovetail Games Fishing brings the challenge and excitement of real fishing into the living room, delivering both authentic action and a compelling contest. With many ways to play, full tutorials, multiple locations and multiplayer competition this faithful simulation rewards skill, knowledge and experience to entertain everyone from the complete novice to the seasoned specimen hunter.

Utilising the very latest graphical technology with Unreal Engine 4, Dovetail Games Fishing will look and feel as close to the "reel thing" as is possible without leaving your house.

Early Access Pricing
The price of the game reflects its current stage of development. As development progresses the price of the game will increase in relation to the improvements made overall. We will communicate as early as possible when these price increases will come about.

Regardless of what price you pay for the game, anyone taking part in the Early Access program will have their game automatically updated to the latest and most fully featured version at no extra charge.

  • *NEW PHASE 5* Switching rods: choose which rod to fish with in Freedom Fishing mode, with character animation
  • *NEW PHASE 5* Cast from anywhere: Stalk the lakeside or peg with rod in hand and cast from where you like
  • *NEW PHASE 5* Short distance casting: target fish shows within 20 yards by casting short distances
  • *NEW PHASE 5* Experience points: earn points by completing challenges and catching fish to show your progression in the game
  • *NEW PHASE 5* Tool tips: understand and learn new features in the game with handy tool tips as you fish
  • *NEW PHASE 5* New fish type: Bream now feature in the game, weighing 2lb to 5lb
  • *NEW PHASE 5* Spod baiting: choose to bait an area of the lake using a spod to encourage fish to feed in specific locations
  • Global Fish AI - introducing the concept of a global fish AI solution to the lake, taking into account the three most basic needs for carp - food, oxygen and water temperature
  • Local Fish AI - basic individual fish personalities (different sizes and colours) that react differently after taking the bait, depending on fish size and with differing amounts of stamina
  • Carp shows' - bubbles breaking the water surface causing ripples and water splashes to show where fish are in the lake
  • Lake exploration and peg selection - explore the lake environment and hunt for signs of carp around the lake, picking the peg you would like to fish from
  • Complete controller functionality - A compatible Xbox 360 controller is now fully useable in the game
  • First person casting - explore the lake and fish from the first person view
  • Ambient audio control system - a dynamic audio system to control ambient sounds around the lake, including wildlife, foliage, aircraft and birds
  • Total Cast Control - simulate the feeling of casting with real fishing rods, and have total control over the full range of casting actions.
  • Casting introduction - tutorials, challenges and leaderboards
  • First stage reeling - 50% of full game reeling functionality
  • Reeling introduction - tutorials

Target Feature List
  • Realistic and Immersive - recreate the immersive and engaging experience of angling for leisure or competition in high detail.
  • Fish Sense - use artificial intelligence and sensory reaction to ensure the simulations behave like real fish.
  • Multiplayer - online competitions, global and local leaderboards, the ability to fish with or against friends and compare your progress with other users.
  • Real and Fictional Locations - fish famous lakes from around the world with realistic stock levels and known fish are joined by fictional settings designed to challenge even the most seasoned expert.
  • Bait Selection - a vital part of any successful angler's repertoire, you'll have the ability to select and use the most appropriate types of real bait to attract specific fish in various situations.
  • Watercraft - check out the conditions, work out your strategy, prepare your gear and set up on your preferred spot.
  • Weather - weather conditions change everything, you can set them to reflect the real world settings or set them to specific conditions.
  • Fish Care - every fish is a worthy adversary and should be treated with due care and respect. From landing nets to unhooking mats, you'll have all the gear to ensure they are released safely once they have been caught, weighed and photographed.
  • Trophy Cabinet - keep track of your progress and record your greatest conquests to show the world your angling prowess.

Minimum :
  • Système Windows® 7 64bit / 8 64bit
  • Processeur : Quad-Core 2.4 Ghz
  • Mémoire : 4 GB RAM
  • Carte vidéo : Graphics Card with 1 GB Video RAM: Nvidia Geforce GTX 460 or equivalent
  • DirectX : Version 11
  • Réseau : Broadband Internet connection
  • Disque dur : 2 GB available space
  • Note : Dovetail Games Fishing requires a mouse or compatible xbox gamepad

Recommandée :
  • Système : Windows® 7 64bit / 8 64bit
  • Processeur : Quad-Core 3.0 GHz
  • Mémoire : 8 GB RAM
  • Carte vidéo : Graphics Card with 2 GB Video RAM: Nvidia Geforce GTX 660 or equivalent
  • DirectX : Version 11
  • Réseau : Broadband Internet connection
  • Disque dur : 2 GB available space
  • Note : Dovetail Games Fishing requires a mouse or compatible xbox gamepad


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